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Which Air Duct Cleaning Service do you Prefer?

Searching for the right Round Rock Air Duct cleaning service nearby isn’t always easy to do! Online search engines may yield overwhelming results when searching ‘Air Duct Cleaning Near Me’ and it’s difficult to decide which one to call! Sitting on the fence about air duct cleaning is what the majority of home and business owners do and that can be costly for your wallet and your health!

Austex is a reliable and well-established company providing service to Round Rock, Austin, and other surrounding areas. We would love to be given the opportunity to show you what a quality Air Duct Cleaning company looks like! We take pride in offering you the best Air Duct Cleaning services! 

Unfortunately, you can’t usually see your air ducts or monitor their efficiency so you never know how a clean duct can help improve your health, reduce your air conditioning bills, and reduce your need to clean your home. Keep reading to know more about what you need to consider and when air duct cleaning can pay for itself!

How Exactly are Air Ducts Cleaned?

Air duct cleaning involves using an industrial and often truck-mounted vacuum to remove contaminants from your vents. Unfortunately, a shop vacuum cleaner just doesn’t cut it. This will take care of inorganic contaminants.

These contaminants are often fine, can bypass human immune defenses, and lodge in your lungs. Some are carcinogenic or linked to carcinogenic cell activation, whereas others can be toxic compounds.

For instance, car tire rubber particles contain at least 22 toxic compounds that are great for improving tire wear and performance but not so great for your lungs. If you live near roads, you’ll know full well about engine soot and, in some cases, see it build up on surfaces and its dangers to human health.

In order to deal with biological pathogens like bacteria, fungi, molds, spores, and viruses, you need a ‘deep clean.’ This is where you remove the physical contaminants first, and then you sanitize ducts.

Generally, a standard duct cleaning is recommended every 18-24 months, and a deep clean is to be done every 4-6 years. Obviously, if you’re living in an environment that gets contamination more readily, you may need to reduce the time between cleaning.

Improved Energy Savings from Round Rock Duct Cleaning

When your air ducts get dirty, your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system has to work harder to push air around your tax home or office.

Unfortunately, this process also starts moving contaminants within the system and eventually binding to HVAC components. Over time you may find that your energy bills start to become punitive, and you’re starting to replace HVAC components. A stitch in time saves nine!

Experience Better Health from Clean Air Ducts

If you’re looking at your air ducts at home, you’re fully aware of your own health requirements. However, in businesses, do you know who has allergies or chronic respiratory diseases? In short, some people have a greater tolerance to contaminants, while others may have immunodeficiencies and life-threatening challenges.

In most cases, people that struggle with their health will struggle further in non-optimized conditions. For businesses, this will impact productivity, cause individuals to make a greater number of mistakes and not be happy in their work. So if you find you’re losing too many workers, it could be due to not taking care of your air ducts.

Reduce your Need to Clean

If you have clean air ducts, you’re not spreading contaminants around your home or business. Because you’ll notice dirt over surfaces less, you’ll naturally clean less. Dirt and organic compounds cause odor which can cause you to clean more.

By removing the source of the odor, you’re in a more restful state in your environment. Cleaning your air ducts could lead to fewer arguments between you and others. A peaceful environment is productive with less time spent on erroneous interactions.

The Round Rock Duct Cleaning Checklist!

Unless you work in the HVAC profession or spend your free time reading up on random topics, odds are you’ll probably be wondering about the following after a specialist has finished cleaning:

  • Did the specialist have access to all HVAC components, including drain pans, humidifiers, fans, and coils?
    · Can you see the light from a flashlight through the HVAC’s coils? If clean, the answer is yes.
    · Are the air ducts and vents free of visible debris?
    · Have both the air vents and ducts been cleaned?

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