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AusTex Air Duct Cleaning in Austin, Texas is a commercial and residential service provider that takes pride in providing the best possible service to its customers!

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We vacuum out all the dust and pollen that has made its way into your vents using our professional-grade equipment. Scrubbing down your vents professionally prevents the growth of mold or other microbes that you never want to have to inhale.


There’s a complete ventilation system in the back that needs to be properly cleaned. The dryer vents are cleaned without causing any damage along the way. Remember that this is a major fire hazard that can be easily avoided by using our cleaning service.

We inspect your home for leaks. Unsatisfactory insulation around your ducts is caused by temperature fluctuations. This reduces the efficiency of your ventilation system. So, by focusing on the seals and insulation, we optimize the ventilation system.

The chimneys collect deposits and dust over time which can cause dangerous fires and risk your family's health. With the aid of modern chimney cleaning technology, we remove them and restore the safety of your fireplace.

Our professionals use cutting-edge technology &  equipment to conduct thorough HVAC inspections to find dirt, the presence of molds or other contaminants, and any damaged components.

UV lights in HVAC systems are installed to destroy germs, viruses, mold, and bacteria. We sell and install UV Lights in the HVAC systems which offers an affordable way to clean all the air that moves through the system.

Our Process - Get Results in 3 Simple Steps

Inspection Visit

We perform a complete evaluation and provide you with a thorough explanation, including factual details about your current situation.

Diagnosis and Recommendations

According to the findings, we present viable and timely solutions that fit your specific needs.

Maintenance, Repairs, or Installations

We get to work. Our team of trained technicians arrive at your location to solve the most complex challenges and deliver the results you deserve. After Completing the process, we show you the before and after images of the process we carried out and never leave until you are satisfied with the results.

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